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Road of Juche Is Ever-victorious Path

The one and only weapon for the Korean revolution, which started from nothing, was the Juche idea, a great revolutionary ideology. Ninety years ago, President Kim Il Sung created the Juche idea, which elucidates that the masses of the people are the masters of the revolution and construction and they have the strength with which […]

What is the Basic Requirement in Approaching the World from the Viewpoint of Man’s Interests?

The basic requirement is to regard it as the supreme principle to defend man’s independent demands and interests in all activities and to subordinate all to the realization of man’s independent aspirations and demands. President Kim Il Sung said: Man is the most precious being in the world. Everything in the world has value only […]

What is the Juche-Oriented Viewpoint and Attitude Towards the World?

The Juche-oriented viewpoint and attitude to the world means approaching the world from the viewpoint of interests of man and dealing with the change and development of the world mainly on the basis of the activities of man. The Juche-oriented viewpoint and attitude to the world firstly means approaching the world from the viewpoint of […]

What is the Law of Domination, Transformation, and Development of the World by Man?

The law is that the world is developed by the volitional action and role of man, in the direction of serving man and according to the development of man. General Secretary Kim Jong Il said: The material nature of the world and its universal laws of motion having been clarified, the Juche idea presented the […]

What is the Interrelationship Between the Juche Idea and Marxism-Leninism and What is the View of the Juche Idea on Marxism?

Answer to the question by the delegation of the institute of philosophy, psychology and law, Mongolian Academy of Science: The Juche idea is a new and original philosophical idea that clarifies the man-centered philosophical principle. But it does not mean that the Juche idea has nothing common with Marxism-Leninism or the former denies the latter. […]

Teachers in Korea After Liberation

Answer to the question by the delegation of the Russian Study Organization of the Juche Idea: After liberation Korea had a few engineers and professors, you said. Then, who taught students in Kim Il Sung University after liberation? Immediately after liberation Korea had no colleges and few intellectuals due to the Japanese imperialist policy of […]

How Did the DPRK Carry Out the Agricultural Cooperativization?

Answer to questions by Francis Lyimo, Vice-Director General of the African Regional Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea: The agricultural cooperativization in the DPRK was carried out in a short span of only 4-5 years after the Korean War by the original idea and wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung. With the […]

How Does the Juche idea Consider the Concept of the Popular Masses?

Answer to the Question by Millen Ryubomirov Illiev, a Member of the Bulgarian Study Group of the Juche Idea: How does the Juche idea consider the concept of the popular masses? The popular masses mean a social collective combined with commonness of independent demands and creative activities with the main stress on the working people. […]

How Do Independence, Creativity, and Consciousness Take Shape and Develop?

Independence, creativity and consciousness take shape and develop socially and historically. Kim Jong Il said: Independence, creativity and consciousness are man’s social qualities which take shape and develop socially and historically. This means that they are not inborn attributes. Of course man has a developed organism. However, his developed physical organs and their special functions […]

How are Independence, Creativity, and Consciousness Related With Each Other?

Independence, creativity and consciousness, the essential characteristics of man are closely related with each other and displayed in man’s activity in an integrated manner. Independence is closely related with creativity. Kim Jong Il said that without independence creativity cannot be fully displayed nor independence can be properly realized without creativity. Independence is a factor which […]

Can we see the Consciousness as the same as the Conscious?

Consciousness and the conscious are closely related but never the same one. Leader Kim Jong Il said that the conscious is the sophisticated function of man’s brain, the most developed of his physical organs. The brain plays the central role in the activity of human life, and the conscious which is the function of the […]

What is Consciousness?

Kim Jong Il said: Consciousness is an attribute of social man, which determines all his endeavors to understand and reshape the world and himself. Consciousness is one of the essential attributes of man, social being along with independence and creativity. With consciousness man understands the world and the law of its movement and transforms and […]

What is the Correlation between Creativity and Creative Power?

Creativity and creative ability should be correctly distinguished in their close relationship. President Kim Il Sung said: Along with independence, man has creativeness. This means that he has the creative power to transform nature and society in accordance with his will and wishes. The creative power is the fundamental guarantee for a man to be […]

What is Creativity?

Kim Jong Il said: Creativity is an attribute of social man who transforms the world and shapes his destiny purposefully and consciously. Creativity is one of the essential attributes of man, social being. With creativity man transforms nature and society to be more useful and beneficial to him by changing the old and creating the […]

What Does it Mean that Independence is the Life and Soul of Man?

This means independence is the most valuable for a social being. Kim Jong Il said: Independence is the life and soul of man, the social being. When independence is referred to as man’s life and soul, it means social and political integrity. Independence is the basic quality of a social being and it is the […]

What Does it Mean that Independence is the Characteristic of a Social Man?

This means that independence is the characteristics of a social man who leads an independent life with consciousness of independence. Kim Jong Il said: Only when a man has the consciousness of independence can he conduct conscious activity to conquer nature and actively struggle against the oppressors who encroach and trample upon his independence. Independence […]

How Should We Understand the Term ‘Social Being’ Since it is Used as the Particular Meaning that Defines the Essential Qualities of Man?

When we say that the term social being is used as the original meaning that defines the essential qualities of man in the Juche philosophy, we have to understand the social being with a meaning that the essential qualities of man are social ones. Leader Kim Jong Il said: Systematizing the Juche philosophy, we used […]

What is the Correlation between Independence and Independent Demand?

Independence and independent demand should be clearly distinguished in close relationship. President Kim Il Sung said: To live independently, free from any form of domination and fetters, is the natural desire of social man. That man has independence means he has independent demand. But this never means that independence and independent demand are the same. […]