Teachers in Korea After Liberation

Answer to the question by the delegation of the Russian Study Organization of the Juche Idea:

After liberation Korea had a few engineers and professors, you said. Then, who taught students in Kim Il Sung University after liberation?

Immediately after liberation Korea had no colleges and few intellectuals due to the Japanese imperialist policy of keeping the Korean people ignorant. What is worse, most of them had been specialized in cultural sciences and there were few specialists and engineers in the field of natural science.

It was actually impossible to establish a university at once under such condition that Korea had weak material foundations without any experiences and teachers to run it.

However, President Kim Il Sung decided to establish and run a university by Korea itself and pushed it ahead. He sent his personal credentials to the scholars dispersed not only over northern part of Korea but also over the southern part of Korea to invite them in order to solve the problem of university teachers, one of the most difficult problems. The scholars invited by President Kim Il Sung hurried to Pyongyang with a desire to repay his trust and affection. As a result, Kim Il Sung University could successfully carry out education from the first day of its opening.