How are Independence, Creativity, and Consciousness Related With Each Other?

Independence, creativity and consciousness, the essential characteristics of man are closely related with each other and displayed in man’s activity in an integrated manner.

Independence is closely related with creativity.

Kim Jong Il said that without independence creativity cannot be fully displayed nor independence can be properly realized without creativity.

Independence is a factor which displays creativity and a guarantee for the realization of independence.

In order to live and develop independently as master of the world and his own destiny man transforms the world, shapes his destiny and makes creative activities. The higher level of independence he has, the more creativity he will display. When he has a strong desire and demand, and high sense of self-awareness and will to live and develop as master of the world and his own destiny, man can make more creative activities.

Independence can be realized only when creativity is displayed.

When he has high level of creativity man makes due high level of creative activities and realizes independence in such a high level as that of creativity.

Creativity is a prerequisite and guarantee for independence and creativity.

Kim Jong Il said that independence and creativity presuppose consciousness and are guaranteed by the latter.

Without consciousness that determines man’s activities of cognizing and transforming the world and himself man’s independence to live and develop as master of the world and his destiny and his creativity to transform the world and shape his destiny are inconceivable. By virtue of creativity man can set out the independent demand and make creative activities to realize it.

The higher level of creativity man has, the more deeply he can understand the world and himself and the more man will conduct creative activity to become master of the world and his destiny. The level of independence and creativity and the degree of their displaying depends, after all, upon the level of consciousness.