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Strategic Line for Final Victory

11 years have elapsed since leader Kim Jong Il published the immortal classic work “Let Us Thoroughly Carry through the Party’s Line of Economic Construction in the Songun Era”. Kim Jong Il in the work elucidated the orientation and ways to hold fast to in economic construction including the problems on concentrating all efforts on […]

It is Necessary to Keep the Principle of Self-reliance in Defense

In order to ensure independence and prosperity of a country, it is necessary to strengthen military power as well as politics and economy. The issue of military affairs is very important one concerning the destiny of the country. Those countries that neglected military affairs were subjugated, so the people regarded military affairs as the most […]

True Way to Economic Self-sufficiency

The Juche idea claims that in order to ensure economic self-sufficiency, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of self-reliance in economic construction, to develop the economy in a multi-sided and comprehensive way, to equip the economy with modern technique and train large number of national technical personnel, and to build one’s own basis […]

It is Necessary to Ensure Economic Self-sufficiency

Economic self-sufficiency is the guiding principle to implement independence in the economic field. To implement independence in economic field is important issue to consolidate independence of a country and ensure Juche in ideology, independence in politics, self-reliance in defense and provide the people with independent and creative life materially. What, then, does it mean to […]

The Correct Way to Political Independence

The Juche idea clarifies the most correct way to keep the principle of independence in politics. What, then, is the correct way? Firstly, it is to set people’s power, secondly, to build internal political forces, thirdly, to map out policies independently according to one’s decision with one’s own guiding ideology and exercise complete sovereignty and […]

It is Necessary to Keep the Principle of Independence in Politics

Independence in politics is the guiding principle to apply independence in the field of politics. To keep the principle of independence in politics is an important issue of decisive significance in realizing independence of the people. General Secretary Kim Jong Il said: “Maintaining independence in politics means upholding national independence and sovereignty of one’s people, […]

The Way of Establishing Juche in Ideology

In order to establish Juche in ideology, it is important to arm oneself with independent ideological consciousness and policy of one’s party. The independent ideological consciousness is the awareness of the master of one’s destiny and is the will to shape the destiny by oneself. This awareness is the understanding that one is the being […]

It is Necessary to Establish Juche in Ideology

To establish Juche in ideology is one of the most important principles to maintain the independent stand. General Secretary Kim Jong Il said: “To establish Juche in ideology means having the consciousness that one is the master of the revolution and construction, thinking and doing everything, centering on the revolution in one’s own country, and […]

The Independent Stand Must Be Maintained

General Secretary Kim Jong Il said: “If independence is to be defended, an independent stand must firmly be maintained in the revolution and construction. As the leader instructed, the independent stand is the fundamental stand that must be adhered to in the revolution and construction.” What is important in the guiding principle of the Juche […]

The Revolutionary Movement Is Propelled by the Decisive Role of Ideological Consciousness of Independence of the Masses

The Juche idea clarifies that consciousness of independence reflecting aspirations and demands of the masses plays decisive role in the revolutionary movement, and thus newly elucidates that the revolutionary movement, socio-historical movement which is a conscious movement is propelled by consciousness of independence. Leader Kim Jong Il said: “The consciousness of independence plays the decisive […]

The Socio-Historical Movement Is a Conscious Movement of the Popular Masses

The principle that the socio-historical movement is a conscious movement of the popular gives an answer to the question of what is the motive force of the socio-historical movement as an important principle of the Juche outlook on social history on the basis of consciousness of the masses. Leader Kim Jong Il said: “All revolutionary […]

Society Develops with the Development of the Creative Role of the Popular Masses

The Juche idea not only clarifies that the socio-historical movement is a creative movement of the masses, but also elucidates the law-governed process through which society develops with the enhancement of the creative role of the masses, and thus gives a correct understanding to the development of the socio-historical movement, the development of human society. […]

The Socio-Historical Movement is a Creative Movement of the Popular Masses

The principle that this movement is a creative one of the masses clarifies the character of this movement as a major principle of the Juche outlook on social history that considered the socio-historical movement on the basis of people’s creativity. Leader Kim Jong Il said: “The socio-historical movement is a creative movement of the popular […]

Society Develops with the Intensification of the People’s Struggle for Independence

The struggle of the popular masses for independence to transform society, nature and man does not stay in one place, but develops continuously. As the struggle of the masses for independence intensifies, independence is realized at a higher level and human society develops onto a higher stage. Then, what is the law-governed process of the […]

Socio-Historical Movement is the Independent Movement of the Popular Masses

On the basis of the principle that the popular masses are the subject of social history, the Juche idea clarifies that the socio-historical movement is an independent, creative and conscious movement of the popular masses. This is the clarification of the essence, character and motive force of the socio-historical movement, therefore it becomes the elucidation […]

Leader Makes the People Independent Subject of History

In order to understand the development from the subject to independent subject, it is necessary to know what is the independent subject of history. In a new higher stage, the independent subject of history are the masses of the people who shape their destiny in an independent and creative way. In other words, it is […]

National Memorial Service Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Demise of Kim Il Sung

A national memorial service took place solemnly at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium Tuesday, the 20th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, was present. Present […]

The Leader’s Lifelong Motto

“A man who is making revolution should always believe in the strength of the people and solve all problems arising in the revolution and construction depending on their strength.” This was the lifelong motto of the great President Kim Il Sung. When he embarked on the road of revolution in his early years he saw […]