Press Statement of DPRK Vice Foreign Minister for International Bodies

Pyongyang, February 22 (KCNA) — Kim Son Gyong, vice foreign minister for international bodies of the DPRK, issued the following press statement on Wednesday:

The UN secretary general reportedly clarified the stand of unjustly pulling up the DPRK over its self-defensive response to the anti-DPRK military threat and action of the U.S. and south Korea.

I express strong discontent and protest against the extremely unfair and imbalanced attitude taken by the UN secretary general, who ignored the dangerous military actions of the U.S. and south Korea but branded the DPRK’s legitimate exercise of right to self-defence against the provocateurs as “provocation” and “threat”.

We have already and understandably advised the secretary general of the UN several times to remain true to his duty specified in its Charter and maintain fairness and impartiality in dealing with the Korean peninsula issue.

However, to be most deplorable, the UN secretary general is going on the rampage of illogical and miserable remarks, which are little different from those of U.S. state department officials over the years.

The recent response of the DPRK armed forces was a countermeasure against the U.S., which has frequently introduced such evident strategic attack means as strategic bombers into the Korean peninsula and, together with south Korea, posed a serious threat to the security interests of the DPRK from the outset of the year. It was, furthermore, an action warning to the convocation of a UN Security Council meeting aimed to take issue with the DPRK’s right to self-defence for no reason.

As the UN secretary general, he should have to properly consider the root cause of the worsening situation in the Korean peninsula this year and, accordingly, adopt a fair and balanced attitude such as making constructive proposals to help the situation be substantially stabilized.

The situation of the Korean peninsula has again reached an anxious worsening phase. It is entirely due to the reckless military moves and irresponsible bravery of the U.S. and south Korea seeking to contain the DPRK by force.

The UN body, which has to play a fair role in ensuring global peace and security, is being abused as a tool for the U.S. unjust hostile policy toward the DPRK, and thus it is losing confidence of the international community. This is rather due to the unfair behavior of UN Secretary-General Guterres.

The UN secretary general should clearly understand that his unreasonable and prejudiced stand on the Korean peninsula issue is acting as a factor inciting the hostile acts of the U.S. and its followers against the DPRK.

We make clear that in case a situation unwished by anyone arises on the Korean peninsula due to the excessive military adventure of the U.S. and south Korea, the UN secretary general, who has not yet expressed any concern, far from deterring their provocative acts, can never be free from the heavy responsibility for it. -0-

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