Patriotic Women

Today Korean people are unsparingly devoting their patriotic sweat and passion at their workplaces for the prosperity of their socialist country.

Among them are those who work at the jobs, rarely known to others, whether acknowledged or not and rewarded or not.

Members of the Chollima Workteam at the Road Facilities Management Station in Phyongchon District have cleaned Chollima Street in Pyongyang for over 30 years from their maidenhood, always wearing road-keeper clothes.

When 17 girls, who graduated from middle school, decided to become road cleaners and organized the then youth workteam in August Juche 75 (1986), many people lavished praises on their determination to serve the country, but there were some, who expressed their doubt about whether how long they would remain true to their determination.

Over 30 years have passed, and it was never easy for them, who had many dreams and high hopes, to do so. But they devoted their all to road maintenance, joining their minds with warm affection and tender feeling.

When one of them was to be married in spring one year, the country sent a wedding spread to her and gave her a new house. That day all the girls felt the love of the country for them, ordinary workers, putting them forward, and renewed their determination to work harder.

They would get to their workplace and leave from it by walking without using public transport means to find out anything that may cause inconvenience to the people and traffic means and disrupt the environment before taking relevant measures.

Rain or shine, they always kept the section under their charge clean, and dedicated patriotic sweat at construction sites of major projects such as the construction of Thongil Street after work.

They have invariably followed the road of supporting their country, finding the pride of life in it.

Their laudable deeds have been introduced through TV, newspaper and radio.

In addition, one of them attended national conferences such as national conference of the pioneers of communist virtues, and put her forward as a Deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly.

Last year Song Chun Hui, workteam leader who won the title of Merited Person of Socialist Patriotism, was provided with a newly-built luxury terraced house in Kyongru-dong on the Pothong riverside.

A new generation is succeeding the preceding generation.

Whenever the children ask their mothers, the then Chollima workteam members, why they work as road cleaners, they say, “Everyone who was born on this land should treasure his country, and always work with devotion to contribute to its prosperity. Only then can he be called a citizen of this country and become a genuine patriot.”