By Its Own Efforts and Technology

The Chollima Tile Factory has steadily increased output over a dozen years since its inauguration in Juche 98 (2009).

By Its Own Efforts

The factory has been able to achieve stable and sustained development because it has solved everything necessary for production by its own efforts.

In the past it failed to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for building materials as it had to import some of raw materials.

One of the most important raw materials was glaze.

The factory set a goal to solve the problem of glaze by itself and focused efforts on the research and development of glaze. It conducted the study of relevant documents and repeated experiments and tests. In the course of this, it found a main raw material for glaze production in a province, thus making a breakthrough in the research work. Then it confirmed the rational mixing ratio of various raw materials and manufactured the glaze production equipment like the reaction tank and exudation tank.

On the basis of the achievements made in the development of glaze, the factory pushed ahead with the work to solve by its own efforts various other raw materials including paints and additives, thus providing a reliable guarantee for revitalizing the production.

It is the conviction of the officials and employees of the factory that nothing would be impossible when they believe in their own strength.

By Relying on Science and Technology

The factory is directing great efforts to the work with talents, regarding science and technology as the lifeline of its development.

The industrial laboratory of the factory plays a pivotal role in this undertaking.

The laboratory, which is under special concern of the factory, is focusing on the research into tiles, glass mosaics, imitation marble, ceramic roofing tiles, coating materials for exterior and interior walls of buildings, thermal equipment and printing processes.

The technicians of the laboratory are all qualified graduates from Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology, Pyongyang University of Publishing and Printing Industry and other universities at the national level.

The factory assigns research tasks to them and arranges discussions among them frequently so as to ensure that their research is oriented to solving sci-tech problems that can contribute to the present and long-term production.

In this way, the factory has combined sci-tech research and production and is making steady progress with interrupted development and production.

In recent years, it has manufactured a fluidized-bed hot-air furnace which is of great practical significance in the tile production process, making it possible to save thousands of tons of fuel per year.

Sok Kwang Dok, director of the laboratory, says that the work for increasing technical force cannot be neglected even a moment and that the prospect of the factory depends on how it trains talented people and enhances their role.

For the production, development of new products and introduction of new technologies, the factory is paying close attention to selecting personnel for management and technical and skilled workers and encouraging them to give full play to their creative ability. It is also effectively operating the sci-tech learning space so as to make its employees intelligent working people and thus help them contribute to the development of their factory.

By relying on such talent force, the factory is producing large-size tiles of new type and decorative tiles that keep with the trend of the times. Its Chollima-brand tiles are enjoying popularity among clients for their high quality.

In the past, the factory has supplied tiles needed for major construction projects such as Songhwa Street, Pothonggang Riverside Terraced Houses District and housing construction in the Komdok area.

By making fresh innovations, bold creation and steady progress by relying on its own efforts and technology, the factory is now playing an important role in the development of the country’s building-materials industry.

Jo Kang Byol

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