Life-long Devotion of Woman Scientist

There are many medical workers in the DPRK who devote their intelligence and wisdom to the health promotion of the people. Among them is the research team studying acupuncture at the Koryo Medicine General Hospital, and Kim Suk Yong, People’s Scientist, Merited Doctor, Associate Academician, Professor and Doctor, is a member of the team.

Kim, who graduated from the Chongjin University of Medicine in the mid-1960s, gained considerable experience in neuroscience and won acclaim for her profound knowledge and treatment successes already in her early 30s.

Some 50 years ago she believed that the science of acupuncture would play an important role in life science and buckled down to the study of correlation between meridian points in the traditional medicine and nerves in the modern medicine.

After her painstaking efforts for more than 20 years she composed the chart of the meridian nerve points and published it in 1992.

The chart was presented to the 22nd exhibition of international inventions held in Geneva, Switzerland, two years later and created a great sensation.

Afterwards, Kim and her research team continued their study and clinical practice to ascertain their research findings and improve the chart.

The chart of meridian nerve points is in wide use in the fields of medical education and treatment at present, and is also disseminated to scores of foreign countries.

It has been reprinted several times.

Kim has authored several reference books and produced tens of academic title-holders.

The 80-year-old Kim says, “Be infinitely modest in front of science.” This is her lifelong motto, and, cherishing it, she dedicates her life to scientific research without resting on her laurels.

Last year Kim was awarded the title of Associate Academician for her contribution to the development of Koryo medicine and the training of reserves.

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