Opera ‘The Flower Girl’ Staged 1500 Times

[nggallery id=65]40 years have passed since the revolutionary opera “The Flower Girl” gave its premiere before the great men of Mt. Paektu.

The famous art piece was created by President Kim Il Sung during the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle. Through the destiny of a distress-torn family in exploitation society, it shows the truth that the revolutionary struggle is the only way out for the oppressed people.

Leader Kim Jong Il proposed to make the famous work “The Flower Girl” an exemplary “Sea of Blood”-style opera. He made sure that a powerful creative group was formed and gave detailed orientation and ways.

During the days of the creation of the opera Kim Jong Il gave full answers to the theoretical and practical problems including music, direction, stage arts, songs and acting on the stage.

The revolutionary opera completed under his energetic leadership gave its premiere on November 30, 1972 before President Kim Il Sung.

The Phibada Opera Troupe’s 40-year long performing activities have made contributions to arousing the service personnel, working people of all social standings and school youth and children to the drive for building a thriving nation.

It gave hundreds of performances in foreign countries including China, Japan, France, Italy and Algeria, making the hot wind of the Korean opera rage across the world.

This year alone, the troupe gave at least 30 performances in Beijing, Shanghai and other parts of China, arousing great sensation among the audiences.

A meeting took place at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre on Friday. It was to mark the 40th anniversary of the premiere of the revolutionary opera “The Flower Girl” before Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

After the meeting the 1 500th performance of the opera was staged before full houses.