Sepho Tableland to Turn into Comprehensive Stockbreeding Base

[nggallery id=66]Sepho Tableland will turn into a comprehensive stockbreeding base in the DPRK. It covers huge area of Sepho, Phyonggang and Ichon counties of Kangwon Province.

PresidentKim Il Sungmade sure that a farm specializing in stockbreeding was built in Sepho County long ago, saying that stockbreeding should be conducted in Sepho Tableland to suit to its climate and natural and geographical conditions.

Though busy in leading the Songun revolution, leaderKim Jong Ilpaid deep attention to the work of developing stockbreeding there, clearly indicated the orientation and ways for realizing them.

It has become possible to realize their behests on developing stockbreeding there on a massive scale thanks to the wise leadership of the dear respectedKim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Unset forth the tasks of finding out all lands suitable to creating green fields in Sepho, Phyonggang and Ichon areas to create man-made and natural pastures and build a large-scale stockbreeding base.

He unfolded a great plan of building a large-scale stockbreeding base by reclaiming Sepho Tableland and creating pastures by the concerted efforts of the army and people.

Army-people meetings took place in Sepho, Phyonggang and Ichon counties on Tuesday to turn the tableland into a large-scale stockbreeding base.

Present there were Kwak Pom Gi, Ri Chol Man, Paek Kye Ryong and other officials concerned, service personnel of the Korean People’s Army, officials of local party and power bodies and working people’s organizations, working people in the province and shock brigade members.

Reports and speeches were made at the meetings.

The reporters and speakers said that building a large-scale stockbreeding base is a responsible and important work to devotedly implement the party’s line and policies.

They stressed the need for service personnel and shock brigade members to successfully carry out the plan for grand nature-harnessing advanced by

Kim Jong Unby displaying the might of the great army-people unity and thus turn Sepho Tableland into a place where the people’s happiness is brought into bloom.