World Table Tennis Day Marked

International Table Tennis Federation meetup in DPRK

An event to commemorate World Table Tennis Day took place at the Table Tennis Gymnasium on Chongchun Street in the capital city of Pyongyang on April 23.

It was attended by officials of the Table Tennis Association of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and coaches, instructors, players and students from April 25 Team, Hwaeppul Sports Club, juvenile sports school of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports.

Hong Myong Ryong, chairman of the association who doubles as president of the Korea National Insurance Corporation, delivered a speech.

He said the event would mark a significant occasion for further raising public interest in table tennis and giving a powerful boost to developing the techniques of table tennis event.

That day, teams of meritorious coaches and instructors pairing with young players played matches, and there was a technical workshop.

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