Trust Your Own Ability.

Over the past two decades, Dr. and Associate Prof. Pak Yong Hui, section chief of the Drug Form Developing Institute under Pharmacy Faculty of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, developed many medicines conducive to promoting the people’s health.

After graduation from Pharmacy Faculty of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, she was appointed to the institute. She started her career of scientific research with an effort to make a coated voltaren tablet, an anodyne.

In the course of reading documents on modern science and technology on release-controlled products, she set a higher goal to develop a medicine with a form of adhesive.

At that time, the preparation mode of this medicine was the exclusive property of some developed countries, and there were few reference books.

She had to start her research from scratch.

She and her colleagues pooled efforts to solve by themselves all the sci-tech problems, ranging from selection of raw materials to the method of making adhesives, and manufacture of necessary equipment.

They finally succeeded in the 54th round of test of measuring serum concentration to scientifically prove the effectiveness of release-controlled medicine with a form of adhesive plaster and solved the problem of basic adhesive substance, the key to the production of the medicine, by means of locally-available materials.

The nicotine adhesive, an anti-smoking adjuvant, is now enjoying great favour among those who hope to give up smoking.

Besides, she wrote over ten volumes of textbooks and reference books such as “Anti-smoking and medical treatment”.

She says: Trust your ability, and break through the cutting edge by dint of your own brain and technology.