True Way to Self-defensive Military Power

It is by no means an easy work to build national defense which enables to defend one by oneself. However, we should realize self-reliance in defense in order not to be colonial slaves of imperialism but to lead a dignified life as full-fledged people of the independent sovereign state, though it is difficult.

Then, what should we do in order to realize self-reliance in defense?

We should, first of all, build self-defensive armed forces in order to realize self-reliance in defense.

Leader Kim Jong Il said:

In order to implement the principle of self-reliant defense, one must have armed forces capable of defending one’s country.

In fact, war is a confrontation between armed forces, and armed forces consist of people. Therefore, we should first, organize the revolutionary army with sons and daughters of people in order to have our own strong armed forces.

We should organize the self-defensive armed forces with sons and daughters of the people. That is because only people are the decisive forces who love their country and nation and frustrate any enemies.

Let us take one example.

In 1592 when the Japanese Samurai suddenly invaded our country the feudal ruling class who had wasted time without paying attention to the defense of the country fled away for their lives instead of fighting against the enemies.

However, the people organized volunteers’ movement in all places of the country to fight against the Japanese everywhere. The patriotic-minded people and soldiers displayed their braveness and gave fatal blow to the invaders in succession in many battles such as Hansando Battle, Uldol Battle, the battles to defend Jinju castle, Yonan castle, Haengjusan castle, the Battle to restore the Pyongyang castle and the Battle to attack the Dosan castle.

Heroic struggle of the people found its clear expression in the Haengjusan castle Battle which has been well known in the history of Korea.

When 30,000 enemies invaded the Haengjusan castle, it was defended by 2,300-odd soldiers and people. People and soldiers in Haengjusan castle fought bravely against the enemies’ invasion with bows and stones and made counterattack outside the castle. Even women in the castle helped the people and soldiers in their fighting by bringing stones with their aprons which is called today a “haengju skirt”.

Thanks to them, they frustrated the enemy’s attack on 9 occasions a day and achieved victory. This shows that only the popular masses can fight staunchly against foreign invaders with high spirit of patriotism.

The popular masses are always the genuine patriots in the west and the east and in the past and at present. Therefore, it is no doubt that only the army which is organized with sons and daughters of the popular masses will fight heroically for independent right of the people and dignity of the nation.

Only when the soldiers and officers are from sons and daughters of the popular masses, can they ensure soldier-people unity and officer-soldier unity and frustrate invaders with united strength to defend independence of the country and nation.

We should, next, establish a defense system involving all the people and the whole country in order to realize self-reliance in defense.

What is important here is first to turn the whole army into cadre and modernized army.

Only when the whole army is a cadre army, will it become and provide the necessary force of commanders and multiply its strength in case of need. That the whole army is turned into a cadre army means to prepare the soldiers to carry out their duty one class higher than theirs. And modernization means that we arm the whole army with modern weapons and military technical equipment, modern military science and techniques.

If we are to win victory in war, we should have many soldiers and weapons and enhance their qualities.

Cadre army enables them to prepare to carry out their duty one class higher than theirs to strengthen the army qualitatively and multiply its strength in case of need. And a modernized army enables us to arm the whole army with modern military equipment and military science and techniques to make unconquerable army which frustrate any enemy.

In order to set up an all-people, all-nation defense system, it is also necessary to arm all the people and fortify the whole country.

To arm the entire people means to prepare the people to fight with arms in their hands if war broke whereas to fortify the whole country means to build defensive system in all parts and military fortresses militarily.

Modern war is three dimensional war with no difference between front and rear. Under this condition, the entire people should be prepared to fight with arms and the whole country should be turned into strong fortress, in order to frustrate imperialist invasion.

We mention briefly about Korean fairy story “a hedgehog that defeated a tiger”.

One day animals made competition of force to win jewel necklace. At that time, a tiger arrogantly appeared and shouted that he is the strongest in the mountain and took away the necklace. Wild boar, bear, badge, hare and other animals were dumb-founded before the arrogance of the tiger.

At that time, a hedgehog thought bad of the tiger stepped forward, saying that they would continue the competition and demanding for the necklace. The tiger try to kill it, looking down at the small animal. The hedgehog crouched to set bristles.

The tiger was pricked at the foot. The upset tiger now tried to bite it. But the hedgehog jumped on to his nose to prick it continuously. Embarrassed tiger screamed and ran to chestnut forests, where it begged for mercy looking at fallen chestnut-bur.

This story of a small hedgehog that defeated big and arrogant tiger tells a lot.

This tells that even a small country can defeat the enemy superior in number and technique and defend security and revolutionary achievements, if the entire people are under arms and the whole country is fortified.

All people- and all country-defensive system is as strong as the hedgehog.

In order to ensure self-reliance in defense, it is also necessary to display political and ideological superiority of the People’s Army.

What is prior; weapon or man–this was the main point of military ideology, and the view that the former is prior prevailed.

In the 16th century, Britain defeated Spanish “unconquerable fleet” and in the mid 19th century defeated Napoleon’s fleet in Trifalgar sea battle and thus controlled sea in Europe. So it claimed “theory of fleet superiority”.

In the initial stage of the World War 2, German army with tanks as the main invaded Poland in 15 days and France in a month by surprise blitz battle.

So, Hitler claimed “theory of tank superiority”.

To cope with this, the former Soviet Union and USA-UK allied forces strengthened tank forces. So in the period of World War 2, former Soviet Union produced 100 thousand tanks, USA 24,000 tanks, UK 15,000 tanks and armored vehicles.

The US imperialists claimed “air superiority”, trying to realize ambition for world supremacy. In the period of the World War 2, UK and Japan respectively produced 96,000 and 65,000 military airplanes, and the USA 262,000 airplanes.

Today, the imperialists vociferate about the “theory of almighty nuclear weapon”, but this is another form of “theory of almighty weapon”.

It is, of course, true that weapon is important in war. But the decisive factor in the war is not weapon but the high sense of political zeal and revolutionary devotion of the armymen who are awakened to their just cause.

The army should have noble revolutionary spirit of fighting for freedom and liberation of the people, boundless loyalty to the party and the leader, spirit of sacrifice and mass heroism to devote youth and life for the country and revolution, revolutionary comradeship among officers and soldiers, kinship link with the people, self-discipline and political and ideological superiority. Such an army can defeat enemy however superior militarily and technically.

This is well proved by the fact that the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army defeated the Japanese imperialists that were armed to the teeth and restored the country under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung.

The KPRA had small amount of arms and small number of forces. So the Japanese imperialists call the KPRA a grain in the sea.

But the KPRA had huge power that is more superior to the enemy so was ever-victorious.

This is attributed to the fact that they had indomitable revolutionary spirit to defeat enemy at any cost, noble patriotism to devote all for independence of the country and for freedom and liberation of the people, spirit of sacrifice and mass heroism. So the KPRA could create wonderful guerrilla tactics. And they could create miracles, restoring the country after defeating the Japanese invaders overcoming all difficulties.

And in the period of Fatherland Liberation War, Korean People’s Army defeated imperialist allied forces headed by USA that had 2 million strong forces and modern weapons, because it had superior political and ideological force.

Political and ideological superiority is ever-victorious weapon more powerful than an atom bomb.

In order to realize self-reliance in defense, it is necessary to arm the people and army politically and ideologically, constantly enhancing its superiority.

For this end, it is also necessary to build one’s own military industry.

Military industry is the material guarantee for self-defensive armed forces.

In order to modernize the army and put the whole people under arms and to fortify the whole country, it is necessary to provide a lot of weapons, combat technical equipment and military equipment. But dependency on others makes it impossible to solve the problem. It is impossible to import all those equipment. And weapons are continuously updated. In this situation, dependency leads to the failure of modernization of the army, arming of the people and fortifying of the country.

Of course, small countries cannot produce all the necessary weapons but they should not totally depend on others in this field. They should produce what they can as much as possible and gradually solve all problems mainly on their own. For this end, they should build and develop their military industry, although they are in difficulties.

In order to ensure self-reliance in defense, it is also necessary to strengthen the rear.

The success of the modern war depends on whether one fully provides with human and material resources for a long time. That is because the modern war that uses large amount of military equipment which have big destructive power requires huge amount of human and material resources. It is therefore necessary to build the areas necessary in military tactics strong, prepare necessary material reserves and prepare beforehand to continue production even in wartime.