Happiness Under the Care of the Great Man

A great national event took place in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea on September 2, Juche 89 or 2000.

63 unconverted long-term prisoners returned to the socialist motherland that day. They had been imprisoned in south Korea occupied by the US imperialists during their struggle for national reunification, but hadn’t abandoned their faith and constancy despite all sorts of tortures and pains for decades.

The great Kim Jong Il repatriated them who were withering in the isolation cells of south Korea and praised them as men strong in faith and will. He had always thought of the unconverted long-term prisoners in south Korea and taken all measures to bring them back to the socialist motherland at an early date. He saw that the whole country welcomes them on the day of their return. He had all of them awarded with the National Reunification Prize and the title of Hero of the DPRK and enabled them to enjoy happiness to their hearts´ content. He took all measures for their medical treatment, saying: We should heal their diseases they had caught in prison for over 30 or 40 years as early as possible so that they can fully enjoy happiness they couldn´t enjoy so far. I may feel easy to see them happy.

They shed tears of joy and gratitude, wholeheartedly feeling his great love in the motherland that warmly welcomed them. Kim Jong Il sent them a lot of gifts on the significant holidays and five kinds of grains for national foods on the folk holidays. He also took kind measures for them to have a pleasant time at scenic spots every year. He also sent kind birthday spreads on their 70th, 80th and 90th birth anniversaries. That was not all. When they died of diseases they got in the prisons of south Korea, he had them buried in the Patriotic Martyrs´ Cemetery to eternalize their life.

The great Kim Jong Il had all merits of the unconverted long-term prisoners retraced lest they should be forgotten under the fallen leaves of time and did everything in his power for them to be praised by the nation. Now the former unconverted long-term prisoners are warmly recollecting the great love of Kim Jong Il who warmly took care of them with the most sacred duty for the revolutionary fighters.