The DPRK is Benefitting from Renewable Energy Sources

The Ryuwon footwear Factory in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, is actively employing renewable energy sources in business activities and production.

Its officials and workers set up a goal of relieving power shortage by displaying the spirit of self-reliance and buckled down to its implementation.

They have installed over a thousand solar panels on the roof of the factory building to generate several hundred kW of electricity, and technically upgraded the power generating devices in line with the actual conditions and for greater efficiency.

Daily power generation and its use are under strict supervision, and prompt measures are being taken to check up, repair and improve machines.

The electric power generated at the factory is supplied through the private distribution network to the workshops, sci-tech learning space, mess hall and other units of the factory, and the surplus electricity is transmitted to the national power network.

The solar heating system is introduced to provide hot water to the bathhouse, swimming pool and other welfare service facilities, keeping 50°C of water temperature.

Highly-efficient, cost-effective geothermal cooling and heating system established in the factory regulate the indoor temperatures.

Various vegetables grow throughout the year at the solar energy-based and heating-free greenhouse.

Proactive efforts of the factory to employ renewable energy sources are greatly beneficial to its business operation and the production of a variety of sports shoes.