DPRK: The Land of the People

The grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People is being staged at May Day Stadium on the picturesque Rungna Island in Pyongyang.

The performance vividly and artistically represents the proud course of development of the DPRK replete with great victories and epoch-making changes and the true image of socialist Korea which translates into reality its people’s dreams and ideals under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The extravaganza consists of several acts and scenes, including “Sunrise on Mt Paektu” and “Our Socialist Homeland”.

The beautiful and elegant rhythms and vigorous gymnastic movements unfolded in large three-dimensional spaces, emotional national sentiments and refined artistic depiction, kaleidoscopic large-size background scenes, gorgeous stage settings, spectacular illuminations, organic combination of acrobatic stunts on the ground and in the air.

All these make the audience burn with enthusiasm, wrapped in a mystery. 3D image processing, laser projection and other illumination techniques and subtitles of diversified and artistic calligraphic styles are introduced to unfold spectacular scenes on the ground and in the air.

DPRK: The Land of the People – KFAUSA.org

The large-size background scenes are undertaken by more than 17 000 students from senior middle schools in Pyongyang. Over 1 000 instrumentalists in their ages from 8 to 70 stage a kayagum ensemble.

Members of such high-profile art troupes as the Wangjaesan Light Music Band and the National Folk Art Troupe, February 16 Art Prize winners, child winners at international piano concours, merited artistes, and acrobats, add more conspicuous features to the performance.