Tourism is Thriving in North Korea

From time immemorial Korea has been widely known as a 3 000-ri land of golden tapestry for its beautiful mountains and limpid streams.

Renowned mountains unfold a variety of scenery, including Mt Paektu, the ancestral mountain of Korea, soaring high with Lake Chon nestling on its summit, and Mts Kumgang, Myohyang, Chilbo and Kuwol.

There are numerous scenic spots in the country’s inland regions, such as Pujon Plateau, Lake Samji, Sokdamgugok and Rungna Island, while Songdowon, Majon, Chongsokjong, Monggumpho and others spreading enchanting views along the picturesque coastlines on the east and west.

Besides, there are Ryongmun Cavern and Songam Cave that offer wonderful sights under the ground.

Mild climate and rich precipitation provided favourable conditions for living and production activities of the Korean nation, who have lived on this land for a long period of 5 000 years and created brilliant culture.

Therefore, a lot of historical relics and remains are found across the country.

The peak tourist season is from April to October in Korea which have four distinct seasons.

During the stay tourists can enjoy a wide range of tours with guides from travel agencies.

The government of the DPRK takes proactive measures for promoting tourism in order to develop friendship and cultural ties with the people of the world.

A Spanish tourist said: Sauntering along the streets in Pyongyang made a deep impression on me. Pyongyang is a beautiful and modern city.

Another foreign tourist marvelled at the time-honoured history and brilliant culture of Korea.