Pyongyang Koryo Int’l Travel Company

The Pyongyang Koryo International Travel Company is one of renowned travel agencies in the DPRK.

It has under its control such top-notch hotels as Pyongyang Koryo Hotel, Hyangsan Hotel, Masikryong Hotel and Majon Hotel, and modern vehicles. It is also staffed with tens of interpreters who are mastered in various foreign languages. Based on them, the company conducts services for tourists from China, Southeast Asian countries, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

Tourists arrive in Pyongyang by air or by train. They will visit such monumental structures as Kim Il Sung Square, Tower of the Juche Idea, Monument to Party Founding, Pyongyang Metro and other places, including the Monument to Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War, Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace and Kang Pan Sok Senior Middle School. They will also have an opportunity to enjoy performances at the circus theatre.

The most popular schedule is the tour of Kaesong Municipality.

It was the capital city of Koryo (918-1392), an ancient state of Korea. Looking round such historical relics as the Kaesong Koryo Museum and Mausoleum of King Wang Kon, they will witness the time-honoured history and culture of Korea. During their stay, they can buy such Korean specialties as Koryo insam, Kaesong Koryo insam cosmetics and Angunguhwanghwan.

Climbing of such celebrated mountains in Korea as Mts Paektu, Kumgang and Myohyang, and cycling, skiing, hockey-skating, marathon, golf and other sports tourism are included in the company’s program.

Tourists will experience the food culture of Korea, tasting famous traditional dishes such as Pyongyang noodle, sinsollo, insam chicken broth, roasted rainbow trout, roasted songi mushroom, and slices of raw snakehead.

After their visit to the DPRK, many tourists said in unison: They had a wrong understanding of Korea up to now. They witnessed that everyone lives in happiness and enjoys the benefits of free medical care, free education and free distribution of houses. Korea is the one and only mysterious country in the world.

The company works in cooperation with its foreign counterparts, including the Liaoning International Marine Travel Co. Ltd. of China, Chan Brothers of Singapore, Uri Tours of Australia, and Your Planet Tours of the Netherlands.

President Kang Chol Su said that his company would always provide safe and kind services to tourists and further promote its business.