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Efforts for Afforestation.

The DPRK has directed efforts to the creation and conservation of forests in the first half of this year. Modernization of tree nurseries, production of wild fruit trees and other species and tree planting went full steam ahead. Achievements were also made in preventing damage to forests from pests. South Phyongan, North Hwanghae, Kangwon provinces […]

The Changto pinery, Living Monument of Korea

Changto pinery is in Mt. Kumgang on the east coast of Korea. Mt. Kumgang is a world-famous mountain, known for its beautiful scenery with many waterfalls and ponds, and fantastic rocks, and cliffs. Mt. Kumgang is divided into Outer Kumgang, Inner Kumgang, and Sea Kumgang for its diverse natural beauty and peculiar scenery of different districts. […]