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Chon Lake from Mount Paektu.

Chon Lake is located on Paektu, the sacred mountain of the Korean Revolution, belonging to the Samjiyon city of Ryanggang province. It is a lake formed by the stagnation of waters in the crater. From the end of the first Neozoic period to date there has been a volcanic eruption four times. The surrounding peaks […]

Manchurian Fresno, a natural monument.

It is located near the Myohyang Stream Road, slightly set back from Pohyon Temple on Mount Myohyang, one of the six major mountains in Korea. It has grown there since around the year 1870. It measures 24.4 meters in height, 3.6 meters in lower perimeter, 3 meters in perimeter at chest height. Its crown is […]

Kuryong Waterfall near Mount Kumgang.

The Kuryong waterfall in Outer Kumgang is located near the world famous Mount Kumgang, near the East Sea. The waterfall is one of the three famous ones in the country along with the Taesung on Mount Sol-ak and the Pakyon on Kaesong. It is widely known with 3 others from Mount Kumgang, that is, the […]

Natural Monument—Ninety-Nine Curves of Chonsang Stream

The Ninety-Nine Curves of Chonsang Stream are located in the valley through which flows Chonsang Stream, a branch of the Yonmyon River rising from Kwanmo Peak of the Hamgyong Mountain Range. Chonsang Stream means the water in a high place, and Ninety-Nine Curves, a large number of rocky curves. The stream is also called a […]

Natural Monument—Ryonju Pools.

Ryonju Pools are located in Okryu Valley of Kuryongyon District of Outer Kumgang in Onjong-ri, Kosong County, Kangwon Province. There is a steep cliff north of the pools and Kuryong Pond 400 metres southwest of them. Ryonju Pools are so named as the two pools look like stringed two beads. They came into being by […]

Natural Monument—Chonju Falls at Puyon-ri

Chonju Falls is located in a deep valley 14 km away from Puyon-ri, Sinhung County, South Hamgyong Province. Chonju Peak stands in the east of the waterfalls and Mt Kodae in the north along the Pujonryong Mountains. The area, which is formed of granite, is overgrown with such trees as oak, maple and Aceraceae meno. […]

To Grow Flowers All Over the Country

The Pyongyang Floricultural Institute is a flower research and production center which contributes to the cultural life of the capital citizens. It was inaugurated in July Juche 89 or 2000. Recently it has been expanded into a leading flower research and production centre of Korea. There are more than 10 research divisions including bioengineering research […]

Popular Kaesong Koryo Insam Products

The Kaesong Koryo Insam of Korea is widely known to the world as a tonic helping people to lead a long life in good health. Today it is processed into various products including not only cosmetics and medicines, but also health foods in line with the present-day tendencies and according to the development of science […]

Echo of the Ullim Falls

The famous Ullim Falls are in Chonnae County, Kangwon Province of Korea. The magnificent echo of the falls evokes infinite exclamation and ecstasy of people. Here is a story about the love for the people associated with the falls. Pak Chol Ok, lecturer of the Kangwon Provincial Revolution Museum, has this to say: “From olden […]

The Summer Climate of Korea

Korea geographically in the Temperate Zone has distinct four seasons, that is, warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter. Hot summer lasts from June to August. Summer climate is generally characterized by a lot of rain accompanied by lasting sultry weather. Humid and warm south or southeast seasonal wind blows mainly from the […]

The Korean Tiger

The Korean tiger is an animal under international protection. Korean tiger is distributed in Korea, northeast China and Far East of Russia. The Korean tiger is about 2.8 metres long and weighs about 100 to 306 kilograms. It is bigger and more intrepid than other sorts. Two eyes with blue flash, strong paws, strained posture […]

The Changto pinery, Living Monument of Korea

Changto pinery is in Mt. Kumgang on the east coast of Korea. Mt. Kumgang is a world-famous mountain, known for its beautiful scenery with many waterfalls and ponds, and fantastic rocks, and cliffs. Mt. Kumgang is divided into Outer Kumgang, Inner Kumgang, and Sea Kumgang for its diverse natural beauty and peculiar scenery of different districts. […]

The Beauty of the Taedong River

The River Taedong rises from Mt. Rangrim standing in northwest Korea and flows into the West Sea of Korea through the capital city Pyongyang. It is the fifth long river in Korea. The river is the cradle of the “Taedonggang Culture” centered on Pyongyang. The “Taedonggang Culture” is one of the five cultures of the […]