My Pyongyang Visit from Munich

The testimony of Bernhard Loy, International sales manager of the Denk Pharma, Germany:

I am glad that I am revisiting Pyongyang from which I got a good impression.

Eight months have passed since I took part in the Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair last year. During this period, Pyongyang has changed considerably. Many construction projects were completed and streets got brighter. I feel Pyongyang is a stirring city.

Pyongyang gives an unforgettable impression to the people because there is Mangyongdae where President Kim Il Sung was born, I think.

Last year I was surprised to visit Mangyongdae. At first, I could not believe that the President admired by the world people as a great man was born at a very ordinary straw-thatched house.

Hearing the explanation of a lecturer and seeing household goods and farm tools preserved at the house, I came to have a better knowledge of his great disposition.

This time I came to Pyongyang from Munich with friendly feelings of the Korean people, the feelings with which I had left last year.

When talking about Korea, citizens of Munich remember shooter Ri Ho Jun who won a gold medal in the Munich Olympic Games of 1972.

The story of the Korean sports hero who set new world and Olympic records is still a topic in Munich.

Our company is exporting its drugs to some 60 countries throughout the world. I hope that our drug will contribute to the healthcare of Korean people through interchange and cooperation with the DPRK.

In the end, I would like to say one more remark on opinions of our delegation members about the food culture of Korea.

Pyongyang cold noodle, one of Korean folk dishes, is the finest one. In addition, dishes served at Pyongyang Koryo Hotel are all delicate. This made us believe that the Korean nation is a civilized and resourceful nation.

We will visit Pyongyang in the future, too.