[Video] Hyon Song Wol Speech at National Meeting of Artists

Hyon Song Wol (현송월) Speech at National Meeting of Artistes (16Th May 2014)

In 2013, the western media once again reported false information about about the alleged murder of Hyon Song Wol, former singer of Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble and Wangjaesan Light Music Band.

As proven false once again, this video is proof that Hyon Song Wol is ALIVE and that nobody was killed.

Please do not trust how the western media manipulates the population time after time. When you need full and accurate information on the DPRK, you have come to the right place here at KFAUSA. The truth will always win.

On the video dated May 16th 2014 May 2014, Comrade Hyon Song Wol gave a speech during National Meeting of Artists in Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea