Patriotic Will Reflected on the Name of the Country

Whenever they think of the name of the country fully representing the honor and pride of the nation, the Korean people look back with deep emotion upon the noble love for the country, the nation and the people shown by the great Kim Il Sung who made efforts for it.

Right after liberation Kim Il Sung paid deep attention to the name of the country. One day in early July Juche 37 or 1948 he called officials to discuss the issue on the name of the country. He said to the officials that it is most reasonable to name the country “Democratic People´s Republic of Korea” in consideration of the reality of the divided country, and the immediate tasks and fundamental purpose of the Korean revolution. Some people complained that “the name of the country is too long” and that “other countries are not named so”. Kim Il Sung earnestly said: We, as masters, should name the country in accordance with the actual conditions of our country and the demand of our people. Why should we look up to others? We should name our country as desired by our people with our senses. And he noted that the name of the “Democratic People´s Republic of Korea” clearly represents its independent character and genuinely democratic and popular character. He stressed that the name of the country, the official name of the state, reflects the class nature of state power and the form of the state and therefore, to correctly name the country it is necessary to consider the fundamental aim and immediate tasks of the revolution and name the country in keeping with the actual conditions of each country.

Kim Il Sung named the country with firm faith and will, thoroughly on the Juche-oriented and popular stand. It was an eruption of the noble ideological sentiments of the peerlessly great man Kim Il Sung to build Korea into the most dignified and powerful country unprecedented in the 5,000-year-long history and into an eternal cradle of the people´s life.

The name of the DPRK solemnly representing the fervent patriotism, outstanding farsightedness and warm love for the people of Kim Il Sung, father of the nation building, is a great symbol of the dignity and honor of the Kim Il Sung Korea and Kim Il Sung nation. The Korean army and people will keep the immortal exploits performed by Kim Il Sung for nation building deep in their hearts and be loyal to the Songun-based revolutionary leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.