Leading People to Work Miracles

Today miracles are being wrought every day and every moment in Korea.

The success in the first H-bomb test, proud achievements in space development, strengthened self-defense capability, and factories, children’s palaces and new streets springing up like mushrooms after rain–fresh miracles are reported every day. The reality today will be different tomorrow. Then how did the fresh wonders begin?

In December Juche 100(2011), the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un told officials that the instructions of the great leader Kim Jong Il should be implemented to the letter and a vigorous struggle waged to carry out his plan on building a powerful country.

The hearts of the officials, who were sad over the unexpected demise of the great Kim Jong Il, burnt up with a firm resolve to implement his instructions whatever may happen.

Looking round at the confident officials with trustful eyes, Kim Jong Un said: From now we should run at speed. We should implement Kim Jong Il’s plan on building a powerful nation not decade by decade, but by leaps and bounds, skipping decade after decade.

Only at a run! Everything at a go!

In response to his call, all the service personnel and people turned out as one to implement the instructions of the great Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Un, setting the target of creation, said that when we do something, we should not copy what other countries did, but leap them over.

Busy as he was with his Songun-based revolutionary leadership, he called at the sites of campaigns for great upsurge one after another, widening the views of the officials and working people and giving them courage and wisdom.

Under his guidance, surprising miracles were wrought in succession.
An age of fresh miracles has come.

Only victory and glory are in store for the Korean people who are making an uninterrupted leap forward under the guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, an unrivalled great man.