Korean Fan with Long History

Korean fan has a long history.

Before the period of Koryo (a feudal state of Korea which existed from 918 to 1392), round fans made of willow and other tree bark, weaved grasses or feathers and furs were widely used.

Seen on the tomb murals dating back to the period of Koguryo is a round feather fan, and the fan King Kyonhwon of Later Paekje sent to King Wanggon of Koryo in celebration of his accession to the throne was also made of peacock’s tail feathers.

In the period of Koryo and the feudal Joson dynasty, fans were made of various materials, including cloth, paper and bamboo.

The Korean fans were also much favoured by the people in neighbouring countries.

In particular, the width of a folding fan, when it was unfolded, was over one ja (a former Korean unit of length equal to 0. 303m) and, when folded, it was only two fingers wide.

Today, the Korean people are producing more smart, beautiful and handy fans by inheriting and developing their ancestors’ fan-making techniques.