To Boost Iron and Steel Production

Recently, the metallurgical industry sector is making active efforts to boost the production of iron and steel.

The Chollima Steel Complex is constantly increasing production as against the previous period.

The Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex developed and introduced a new material which can substitute various alloy materials through a brisk mass technological innovation drive. It also made a contribution to increasing steel production by manufacturing and installing a device for measuring the temperature of molten iron by means of optical sensor.

Ore mines in the sector of metallurgical industry are making efforts to produce larger amounts of ore concentrates and iron ores by promoting the stripping and deep development.

The Musan Mine Complex is putting spurs to the production of ore concentrates and the Unnyul and Jaeryong mines are making a maximum use of mining machines and vehicles, while introducing a large hole blasting by means of drilling rig and other stoping methods as suited to their specific conditions.

The Hungnam Electrode Factory and other relevant units are producing and timely supplying electrodes and fireproof materials needed by the iron and steel works by bringing science and technology closer to production.