Kim Jong Un Looks Round Construction Site of Rest Home for Scientists

Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, went round the construction site of the rest home for scientists.

In January this year Kim Jong Un visited Lake Yonphung right after giving field guidance to the State Academy of Sciences. He finally confirmed the site for the rest home which was chosen by him last year. He not only took detailed measures for designing it and ensuring the supply of construction materials but instructed KPA Unit 267 to undertake the construction.

Inspecting the construction site, he was very pleased with the atmosphere in the work site of the unit, adding that it was worthy of the guard unit and hero unit.

Going round different places of the construction site, he set forth the tasks to be fulfilled for building the rest home to be impeccable.

He stressed the need to build all the buildings and facilities of the rest home in the best quality as befitting the highly civilized socialist country and to be proud of in the world.

The Marshal said:

“It is necessary to build the gatepost of the rest home in a special style and successfully construct a railway station close to it to the convenience of the holidaymakers.

The open-air playground for volleyball, tennis and badminton now under construction should have multi-purpose sporting facilities so that holidaymakers may enjoy skating in winter days.”

He called for building well an indoor swimming pool, a video room and an angling site and constructing modern welfare and service facilities including a public bath at the rest home.

He said:

“The upper part of the boundary between land and water in the compound of the rest home should be covered with sand and its lower part with shingle. The parking lot and the promenade should be covered with blue stone.”

He underscored the need to simultaneously push forward the construction and the work for installing a geothermal cooling and heating system and the production of furniture and fittings and make good arrangements for the operation of the rest home.

Noting the soldier-builders of Unit 267 of the KPA are creating a new speed by bringing about a leap forward in construction while building the rest home for scientists, he expressed conviction that by this speed they would certainly complete the project by the date the party promised scientists to wind up.

He urged all the officials and other people in the field of construction to learn from the work style of Unit 267 of the KPA.

He was accompanied by Hwang Pyong So, Pyon In Son and Ma Won Chun.