Education in DPRK Includes Go Games

Here are records showing successes made by the Kyogu kindergarten in Central District, Pyongyang, which has produced many child prodigies of the board game Go:

  • Continuously won in Go games for nearly 10 years since the 1st Pyongyang City Juvenile Go Contest.
  • Took the 1st place in total and the 1st and 2nd in individual events of two juvenile Go contests held in Pyongyang in 2003.
  • Received technical “Prizes” in the Go event of the National Technology Innovation Contest held in 2012 and the 2013 Pyongyang City Juvenile Go Contest.

These successes indicate that the kindergarten put big efforts into developing the intelligence of the children through Go education.

It has gained great profits in the course of teaching Go to children. Its teachers regard it as part of their daily routine to give Go education to children.

It is said that children who are studying at primary schools after graduating from the kindergarten have higher acquirements, especially in mathematics than those of other kindergartens.

There are many teachers who made a great contribution to developing children’s intelligence through Go education.

Ri Sun Bok who has taught Go for more than 10 years had this to say:

“Receiving education of Go, children come to write as angled and clear words as the Go board and cultivate the creative ability of making something as they imagine. At the same time, they come to have a serious research attitude and a habit of thinking deeply.”

As seen above, Go education of children is of great profit.

The headmistress of the kindergarten said that Go helps enhance memory, intelligence, observation and imagination of human beings.
Now the teachers of the Kyogu Kindergarten are devoting all their wisdom and energies to developing the intelligence of children.