Kim Jong Suk: Her Life Was Dedicated to Safeguarding Kim Il Sung

[nggallery id=85]Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war hero, in her lifetime devotedly worked to safeguard President Kim Il Sung. During the anti-Japanese armed struggle for Korea’s liberation, she risked her life in many battles to defend Kim Il Sung. Her heroic deeds were displayed to the full especially in battles fought in Dashahe gully, Fusong county town and Hongqihe.

She also stood firm for Kim Il Sung’s ideas and lines. It was well illustrated by the fact that she carried on an uncompromising struggle against the head of the Qingfeng Secret Camp, who betrayed the revolution, in defence of Kim Il Sung’s ideas and authority.

In those days she used to wash his clothes and dry them against her own body despite biting coldness while on forced march.

She continued paying close attention to safeguarding the President even after the country’s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule. When the President was making a long journey of field guidance, she looked into weather and traffic conditions beforehand and took all conceivable measures for his security.

She initiated composing the revolutionary hymn “Song of General Kim Il Sung” and helped create “Mt. Paektu”, a full-length epic praising Kim Il Sung’s feats for the national liberation.

Her life devoted to

Kim Il Sung will always be remembered by the Korean people.