The Glorious 65 Years of The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

The Democratic People´s Republic of Korea was founded on September 9, Juche 37 or 1948. 65 years has passed since the historic day. Our fatherland is a precious patriotic legacy of the great leader President Kim Il Sung.

Concerning it, the anti-Japanese revolutionary veteran Ri Ul Sol, in his memoirs, wrote:

Eternal Leader Kim Il Sung
Eternal Leader Kim Il Sung

“To me who worked long under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung, the days after liberation are still kept in my memory. On August 20, Juche 34 or 1945 shortly after the country´s liberation President Kim Il Sung made public his famous work ´On building the party, state and armed forces in the liberated homeland´ and provided an important guideline for the building of a sovereign state to be founded in the future. In Juche 37 or 1948 it was a very urgent task to found a state in our country. Because the crisis of national division got more serious after a puppet regime of the US imperialists was rigged up in south Korea.

To tide over the difficulties and actively promote the struggle for national reunification

President Kim Il Sung saw that general elections were held in the south and the north of Korea to set up an all-Korea unified central government. That time he worked day and night. He always found himself on the spot, paying attention to all big and small issues on the founding of the DPRK including drafting of constitution and institution of the name, flag and emblem of the country. He worked till late at night without a moment´s proper rest. When I requested him to have a rest even a little, he said; We have just built the party and regular armed forces. What is left to be done is the nation building. Let us have a comfortable rest after founding the Republic. But he never kept the promise all his life.

Basing himself on the victory in the general elections of the south and the north of Korea for the election of deputies to the Supreme People´s Assembly of the DPRK, President Kim Il Sung called the first session of the SPA and declared the founding of the DPRK all over the world on September 9, Juche 37 or 1948.

Still vivid in my eyes are the people in gala dress who were shedding warm tears of emotion and joy, looking up at the flag of the DPRK flying high in the sky.” Songs of new creation and innovations were loud in all parts of the country. Excited south Korean people, too, scattered leaflets reading; “Long live General Kim Il Sung, the great sun of our people!” and “Long live the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea!”. Since then, our fatherland has covered a road of victory and glory. The Korean people defeated the US imperialists in the three-year Fatherland Liberation War beginning in Juche 39 or 1950, less than two years after the founding of the Republic. They conducted postwar reconstruction and carried out socialist transformation of relations of production. After realizing industrialization of the country in 14 years after the war, they more powerfully promoted socialist construction and built an ideological power and military power. Korea is forcefully promoting the building of an economic giant in the spirit of victor in the arduous march and forced march in the 90s of the last century. A prosperous nation will be built in Korea in the near future.

A prosperous nation
A prosperous nation

Shine bright, you dawn, on this land so far,
The country of three thousand ri,
So rich in silver and in gold you are,
Five thousand years your history.
Our people ever were renowned and sage,
And rich in cultural heritage,
And as with heart and soul we strive,
Korea shall forever thrive!

The flag of the Republic is fluttering in the clear sky of the fatherland defended at the cost of blood and built with patriotic sweat. The flag is flying as a symbol of Korea to the strains of the national anthem “Patriotic Song”. The glorious 65-year-long history implants warmer love for the country in the minds of people.

Sok Mun Sik, Deputy Department Director of the Pyongyang City People´s Committee, says:

“I feel a greater pride of being a citizen of the Republic on the occasion of the 65th anniversary

of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. I am thankful to President Kim Il Sung and

Kim Jong Il for having built and developed the genuine motherland. True to the intention of respected Kim Jong Un, I will devote my all to the prosperity of the motherland, a patriotic legacy of the peerlessly great men of Mt. Paektu.”

Our fatherland, a patriotic legacy of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, will shine forever under the leadership of respected Kim Jong Un.