High-Quality Interactive Panoramic 360 View of Pyongyang North Korea

3D Panorama of Pyongyang North Korea

Photographer Aram Pan has created an amazing 360-degree interactive panorama of Pyongyang, North Korea. It offers an interesting birds-eye view of the city from atop the Juche Tower, inside tour of the Yanggakdo Hotel, the Monument to the Founding of the Workers Party, the Pyongyang Metro Yonggwang, inside the 2013 Arirang Mass Games, the Pyongyang Metro Train Station, Kaeson Youth Park and visiting the eternal Mansudae Grand Monument. For anyone who wants to see inside beautiful Pyongyang, this is truly something special. We here at the KFA hope you take your time to enjoy the quality of the imagery and message here. Just stunning!

Aram Pan describes his project:

“The DPRK 360 project is an independent project that aims to showcase the many aspects of North Korea (DPRK) through photography. The purpose of this project is to encourage understanding of the country and uncover the mysteries that lay hidden. Through better understanding, fear can be removed and friendships can be made. Most of the images will not undergo any instagram, lomo or artistic filters to make them moody or emotional. There will also be interactive 360 degree panoramic images of places across the DPRK. The spirit of this project can be found in a DPRK folk song ‘White Dove Fly High’. The white dove is a universal symbol of peace and has been chosen to be the symbol of this project.”

** Leave Aram your comments below, he might even take some requests 😉

Take The Interactive 360 Tour

Mansudae Grand Monument 360 Interactive Tour

Juche Tower 360 Interactive Tour

Yanggakdo Hotel 360 Interactive Tour

Arirang 2013 Mass Games 360 Interactive Tour

Pyongyang Metro Train Station 360 Interactive Tour

Pyongyang Metro Yonggwang 360 Interactive Tour

Monument to the Founding of the Workers Party 360 Interactive Tour

Kaeson Youth Park 360 Interactive Tour


DPRK 360’s Official Links:

Official Facebook Page
Official Website


4 thoughts on “High-Quality Interactive Panoramic 360 View of Pyongyang North Korea

  1. Leon A Davos says:

    The hotel 360 was very impressive. The lobby is amazing. Maybe do a 360 of Kim Il Sung Square. That would be cool. Thanks for doing these.

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