For the People’s Happiness

Korean people in the new year 2014

Do not take cost-effectiveness into first consideration in doing things for the good of people!

This is the consistent principle of the Workers’ Party of Korea which spares nothing for the wellbeing of people.

One autumn day in Juche 65 (1976), President Kim Il Sung visited Sangso-ri in the then Anju County, South Phyongan Province. He personally calculated the output of grain by the farm and the cost to draw water of Lake Yonphung tens of kilometres away. Noting that it might be an instance of killing a fly with a long spear, but we should carry out the project, he took the State measure to this end. As a result, its farmers could do farming without any worry about drought.

In the late 1970s, Chairman Kim Jong Il learned about the construction of a yeast workshop at the Pyongyang Flour Processing Factory. At that time, an official proposed postponing the project due to the shortage of funds.

Then, the Chairman said as follows: It is, of course, right to make an accurate calculation if we are to build a factory. But, if we are bound to earning profit, we can do nothing for the benefit of the people. We should appropriate a large sum of the State fund if it is for the happy life of the people.

Thanks to the energetic guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who spares nothing for the happiness of people, monumental structures are mushrooming in the DPRK.

A few years ago, an official in charge of designing the Munsu Water Park reported that its project would cost too much.

At that time, the Supreme Leader said there is nothing to spare for the good of people and instructed him to start the designing without caring about the funds. Later, he visited the construction site several times and gave instructions concerning the project.

Thanks to the invariable policy of the WPK which regards any project for the welfare of people as its greatest interest even if it needed a huge amount of funds, such major projects as the construction of the Pyongyang General Hospital are now going full steam ahead.