Fermented Soybean, Traditional Dish of Korean Nation

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) — From long ago, Koreans have used fermented soybean good for health in their dietary life.

Traditionally, they made the fermented soybean in the method of boiling beans and putting them into a certain rice straw-contained vessel for three days.

Foodstuff factories in the DPRK are now producing fermented soybean on an industrial basis and its kinds are diversified.

This food contains ingredients for raising immunity and controlling the increase of cancer cells, antioxidant and physiological activators. So, it is good for the treatment of diseases like troubles of blood vessel, diabetes, bone loss and anemia.

Recently, household machine for producing fermented soybean was developed and juice, flour and other fermented soybean goods were produced, contributing to the improvement of people’s diet and the promotion of their health. -0-