Pyongyang Floriculture Institute

National Flower Exhibition Held

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) — The Pyongyang Floriculture Institute in the DPRK is a modern floricultural research and production base.

At the institute, there are greenhouses and outdoor field covering more than hundreds of thousands of square meters. The institute with a powerful scientific research force has all necessary material and technical foundations for floricultural research and cultivation.

Chairman Kim Jong Il appointed the site for the institute to make the whole country alive with all sorts of flowers.

To realize the Chairman’s noble desire, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has shown deep care for the work of the institute.

Visiting the institute in September Juche 101 (2012), the Supreme Leader indicated in detail the tasks for its operation like the issue of mass-cultivating good species of flowers in accordance with the citizens’ high aesthetic demand and the issue of researching and cultivating such flowering plants as cactus.

True to his instructions, scientists of the institute have made successes in putting the cultivation of flowers on a scientific basis. They acclimatized such world-famous flower species as tulip, rose and Phalaenopsis amabilis to the country and took a step for protecting flowering plants from blights and harmful insects, together with the researches into breeding flowering plants for home cultivation.

Besides, it has mass-produced beautiful flowering plants to disseminate them to the city management units and supply hundreds of thousands of ornamental flowering plants to flower shops and stands in the city, thus providing the citizens with better cultural and aesthetic living conditions. -0-