Autumn-Tinted Ginkgo Trees Add Beauty to Streets in Pyongyang

The autumn-tinted ginkgo trees add more beauty to the scenery of streets in Pyongyang.

Ginkgo tree is the only alive fossil plant among plants which flourished until the Creataceous period of the Mesozoic age (from 140 million to 70 million years ago).

Tonghungsan, Kajaeul, Jongju, Songgyungwan, Ryongaksan ginkgo trees of hundreds of years old and the Kumya ginkgo tree of over 2 130 years old have been registered as the natural monuments in the DPRK.

Ginkgo leaves and seeds contain large amounts of health-promoting nutrients and medicinal ingredients, so they are widely used as materials for producing health foods, medicines and quality cosmetics.

Ginkgo trees with various advantages are planted as street trees in the DPRK.