Comedian of Great Popularity

Over one month passed since Comedy Show “Our House Full of Laughter” drew down its curtain. It was staged in October in the lead-up to the celebration of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, but it still lingers in the memory of the audience.

In particular, the story about Ri Sun Hong, a gag star who emceed and acted the show, is on everyone’s lips at workplaces, houses and on the way to work.

During his performance, he admirably imitated various voices of renowned announcers and film actors and actresses of the DPRK and other sounds.

His solo play “Our Marshal Is the Greatest” represented the pleasant life of holiday-makers enjoying themselves at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort with his humorous words and acts, thus setting the audience into a roar of laughter.

He is a star favoured by people of all ages and both sexes in the DPRK.

His works are all characteristic as they fully reflect the lives of people.

He started his career at the then National Comedy Troupe in Juche 87 (1998). He earnestly studied the details to create a spontaneous outburst of laughing according to the logic of life.

He dived into the achievements of famous stars who distinguished themselves in history, and analyzed humors, legends, fables and proverbs.

He also directed efforts to improving his narrative skill. He used to make notes of jokes made by young boys and girls, old persons and children while walking along the road and made painstaking efforts to master the talking styles and accents of people according to their ages.

Touring coal and ore mines, the countryside and other places of the country, he experienced the delight of labour and witnessed the optimistic life of people creating their life with a smile on their faces even though everything was in short supply.

His firsthand experience provided him with a good foundation for writing works representing the spirit of the times.

He has written over 30 works, including solo plays “Potato is rice” and “Fortune of Korea” and comic chats “The flame of Kangson”, “Excellent location” and “Saving and conscience”, and personally performed them.

His performance always gave people merry laughter, delight and optimism, winning big hands from the audience.

He said: People say I am endowed with comic chats. But I want to say that all my works have only mirrored us and our life.

The 62-year-old star was awarded the title of Merited Artiste in Juche 93 (2004).