Sinphyong Kumgang

Sinphyong Kumgang is located in Tohwa-dong, Phyonghwa-ri in Sinphyong County of North Hwanghae Province, midway down the Pyongyang-Wonsan Tourist Road.

The spot is so beautiful that it was named after Mt Kumgang, a celebrated mountain in Korea.

It is noted for scenic beauties of Jinju, Kumgang, Jangsubong, Okryudong, Kuryong, Manmulsang, Tohwadong and Chongsokjong valleys.

These eight valleys present unique views featured by limpid streams, waterfalls, pools and so on.

The Sinphyong Kumgang scenic spot that had long been concealed deep in the Ahobiryong Mountains has been built into a scenic resort attracting many people.