Worker Couples

The Pyongyang General Electric Cable Factory 326 is seething with enthusiasm to bring about a great upsurge in production. It has many worker couples.

Attachment to workplace

Ri Song Hak is a drawing work team leader of wire workshop. After his military service thirty years ago, he was assigned to the factory where his parents were working. From the first day of his work, he endeavoured to master his machines and carried out his production plans.

A girl operator, named Pak Hyang Suk, was working next to his machine. Whenever she was upset to repair her machine, he readily helped her.

They fell in love while helping and caring for each other. Even after they became parents of two sons, they worked harder.

Their attachment to the workshop resulted in bringing about innovations in production.

His organizing ability and high technical skills has enabled his work team to overfulfill its yearly plans ahead of schedule every year. Of late, he rendered services to enhancing productive efficiency by improved a thermophore of an extruding machine. He has made many inventions. Most recently, his wife Pak Hyang Suk installed a new filtering process on an extruding machine, thus saving lots of raw and other materials.

They are now winning public esteem as the treasures to the factory.

One aspiration

Five years ago, Kang Hyok Song and Ju Ok Gyong entered the online education faculty of Pyongyang University of Medical Engineering. During the days of learning techniques in the study-while-you-work system, they fell in love with each other.

Ju, by nature, disliked to lag behind other in all aspects, so she made strenuous efforts to overtake Kang in studying. Her competitive spirit was often shown in the sports games often organized by the factory. Kang stole the limelight of spectators in a volleyball match, whereas Ju displayed her skills in the events of tennis and table-tennis.

They vied with each other to lead in studying and sports games, but they helped and led each other in working.

One day, he happened to see remnants of wires. They were the tip of the iceberg, but he could not neglect them. He buckled down to finding out a way for producing more wires by recycling them. Ju gave an active assistance to him.

Their one aspiration to making even a little service to developing the country’s economy coupled them.

In December last year, they graduated from the university. They are now making a tangible contribution to the production of electric wires, the husband in the cable institute and the wife in the cable workshop.