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New Housing around Kwangchon.

Homes were built for hundreds of families in the Kwangchon area of North Hwanghae Province. Houses were erected on feed supply farms near the Kwangchon Poultry Plant. The houses, which are of various shapes, attach importance to comfort and aesthetics and satisfy all living conditions. Fruit and non-fruit trees were planted, notably apricot trees and […]

New Housing Distributed Free of Charge to Workers.

They built the wonderful socialist villages in the Komdok area of ​​South Hamgyong province. In this region severely damaged by natural disasters, one-story, low-rise and multi-story homes were built for more than 2,300 families, public buildings and parks. The great change in the region is the fruit of the ardent love and devotion of the […]

Workers’ Hostel Built at Sinuiju Textile Mill.

A workers’ hostel was splendidly built at the Sinuiju Textile Mill. The hostel consists of cozy bedrooms which are arranged to afford utmost convenience in life, a dining hall, library, youth school and room of culture, and the Pangjik Health Complex provided with a swimming pool, fitness hall, barbershop, beauty parlour and other welfare service […]

Recycling Goes Full Steam Ahead.

The work of recycling resources goes full steam ahead amid the nationwide concern in the DPRK.With the adoption of the law on recycling resources and the establishment of recycling system, the industrial establishments are making efforts to maximize the utilization rate of various kinds of scrapped materials and urban sewage.In particular, many units are conducting […]

Ceremony for Completion of Workers’ Hostel Held

There appeared the splendid workers’ hostel of Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill on the bank of picturesque River Taedong. The hostel has three adjacent 7-storeyed buildings and communal service facilities including public bath, beauty parlor, shop, medical treatment room and library as well as a park where the boarders may have good rest and […]