Water Bird Resources in Wintering Period Estimated in Korea

he quantity of water bird resources in the wintering period was surveyed and estimated in Korea.

A field survey was conducted of the wetlands along the coast of the East and West seas of Korea and in inland areas from January 20 to February 5.

Expanding the areas of survey to wider areas as against the previous period, the research group carried out the field survey of most of bays, estuaries, lakes and reservoirs and paddy fields around them along the east and west coasts, including North Hamgyong Province.

During the survey over 67 000 water birds of about 60 species were recorded in nearly 70 places. Also observed in particular were the globally-endangered species like spoonbill, and vulnerable species as swan goose, Aythya ferina, old-squaw, white-winged eagle and others.

According to Ri Chung Song, a section chief of the Biodiversity Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, they confirmed the areas of great significance in the protection of the diversity of birds in Korea in the wintering period and provided basic data for creating new nature reserves, including migratory bird (wetlands) reserves through the recent field survey.