True Picture of Capitalism

The capitalist society is a society full of filthy waste.

With no rhetoric can the imperialists hide the true picture of capitalism infected with fatal and chronic diseases.

“Material prosperity” in the capitalist society is by no means meant for the common people.

It is the U.S. where a tiny handful of the rich wallow in luxury, holding most of material wealth, whereas an overwhelming majority of toiling people lead a subhuman life. The same is true of other capitalist countries.

The poor choose suicide, driven into depravity and despair, left without any means of living. Many of them allow themselves to run the whole gamut of crimes such as addiction to narcotics and alcohol, murder and robbery.

The steady increase in crimes is bound to lead to the swell of prisoners. There are 2.2 million prisoners in the U.S., topping the world list of prisoners.

The capitalist countries are flooded with all kinds of means satisfying the greed of capitalists for a luxurious and dissipated life and paralyzing bodies and mentality of human beings, the number of drug and alcohol addicts and dissipated elements seeking abnormal ambition is on the rapid increase and people are becoming mentally and physically crippled. This is the real picture of the capitalist countries which boast “affluent material and cultural life.” The political rights of the overwhelming majority of the toiling masses are ruthlessly trampled down by money and power in the capitalist society called “liberal and democratic society which guarantees genuine human rights”.

The end of capitalism is drawing near as it is getting evermore corrupt and ill due to its intrinsic unpopular nature and prevailing scandals.

One thought on “True Picture of Capitalism

  1. Lauren says:

    You are right again. Capitalism is not as glorious as the politicians over here in America make it out to be. It could work only if the Country doesn’t practice racism, agism, class- warfare, and gender inequality. The problem is that the USA practices all of those horrible things, making only the rich and greedy guys on the top the true beneficiaries of capitalism. If your White, old, rich and greedy capitalism is a great thing. If your not at least 3 or more of those things, you are pretty much a slave (worker) on a plantation (work floor) taking orders while waiting for the next pay check. Half of the pay check goes to taxes and the other half goes to bills. Not all taxes are bad, but then we have stupid politicians who make sure we waste tax money on invading other countries, that have nothing to do with us, and war weapons artillery.

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