Unbreakable Unity and Cohesion of WPK

Our advance and cause are sure to triumph as long as there is the leadership of the great party which has achieved unbreakable unity, the source of inexhaustible strength to win victories in the struggle and bring about changes.

The nearly seven decade-long history of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) is a glorious one in which it has achieved unity, won victories, and made advances thanks to the idea of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and their august names.

The Korean revolutionaries gave origin to the genuine unity centering around the leader for the first time in history in the dark period of nation’s distress.

New-type vanguard ranks united under the banner of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU), holding the peerless great man as the sun of the nation, guided by the truth that the cause of popular masses for independence was to be started and advanced by the leader. They became the core of the WPK.

The organizational and ideological foundation for founding the party was consolidated by the passionate fighters of Juche type who waged a struggle against sycophancy, dogmatism, and factional strife, guided by the idea and line of their leader only.

It was the greatest feats performed by the Korean revolutionaries that they set an example of revolutionary unity unprecedented in the history for the building of a working-class party while exploring an untrodden path despite the sternest trials.

The great unity which was achieved in the early period of the revolution grew stronger in the two anti-imperialist revolutionary wars, two phases of social revolutions and socialist construction.

The history of the WPK unprecedented in its protracted, complicated and grave nature is, indeed, a proud history in which its unity and cohesion have grown steel-strong with the leader as the unitary center and it achieved the single-minded unity of the revolutionary ranks and the triumphant advance of the socialist cause by dint of the might.

The appearance of the dignified party which achieved the unbreakable unity and cohesion convinces the army and people of the DPRK of the future of the prospering country and the final victory of the revolution.