To Create a Model of Modern Socialist Mountain City

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One August day in Juche 107 (2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of Samjiyon County.

During his inspection of it in July, he gave valuable instructions on creating a model city in the mountainous area which embodies modern civilization through the construction of the county and generalizing its experience so as to spruce up the appearance of all mountainous counties in the country.

He visited the construction site again, despite the sultry weather in midsummer.

That day, he said in the following vein: It is only 40 days since I visited it, but the area changed beyond recognition. It is less than one year since we buckled down to the construction, but big successes were achieved. I had instructed to build the Samjiyon County township as a modern mountainous city which preserves the features peculiar to a mountainous region and the national character of our people. Now its majestic appearance began to emerge.

While giving instructions concerning the stage-by-stage project, he said: We are carrying on the work to facelift Samjiyon County even in the face of difficulties. The project is aimed at turning it into a modern mountainous city without parallel in the world as well as gaining experience for turning all counties of the country into civilized ones and creating a model.

Noting that he let the county take the lead in implementing the Party’s plan of local construction, he stressed that we should turn it into a standard and model county and a demonstration unit.

Thanks to his meticulous guidance and concern, not only the township of Samjiyon City but its several areas and farms have been turned into the model of socialist mountainous city and the example of rural development.