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TIME readers in USA pick Kim Jong Un as “Person of the Year”

U.S. Magazine Selects Kim Jong Un as Man of 2012

U.S. magazine “TIME Magazine” selected the dear respected Kim Jong Un as “man of 2012”. The magazine has selected and published “man of the year” every year from 1927. This year, it conducted on-line voting among subscribers including politicians, businessmen, artistes, sportspersons and announcers for the man of this year. More than 5.6 million people, […]

DPRK Satellite Spreads Peace and Socialism in to Space!

December 14 (KFA USA) With the century of Juche, Korea has sent a satellite soaring in to space, spreading Socialism shining like the sun across the skies! This achievement is a scientific advancement for all humankind and People’s Korea has earned praise and support from all nations, from all people of all walks of life. […]