DPRK Satellite Spreads Peace and Socialism in to Space!

DPRK Space Program
DPRK Space Program

December 14 (KFA USA) With the century of Juche, Korea has sent a satellite soaring in to space, spreading Socialism shining like the sun across the skies!

This achievement is a scientific advancement for all humankind and People’s Korea has earned praise and support from all nations, from all people of all walks of life. From the birth of Kim Il Sung in 1912 to the rise of Kim Jong Un in 2012, Korea has step-by-step achieved autonomy and proven its strength to the world.

As Kim Il Sung conquered the Japanese imperialists warmongers, now Kim Jong Un is poised to conquer the Heavens. The world’s Imperialist powers see that the will of the Korean people will never ever change and they fight tooth and nail like rabid dogs to limit and sanction Democratic Korea for peacefully developing its space program.

How typical of the United Nations, whose last journey to Korea killed a million Koreans. How typical of the United States, who abandons NASA and hopes the DPRK will follow suit, yet refuses to sign a peace treaty! The world’s leaders know they insult Korea with such talk. No people with any dignity or honor would bow before the petty tyrants of Imperialism who demand Korea accept censure and punishment as if they were children. When Israel, a key member of the West’s alliance, complains of the DPRK’s “transparency,” while hiding massive secret reserves of nuclear weapons.

Korea stands as one of the last bastions of human dignity. The United Nations is naked in its corruption and hypocrisy if it would punish the people of Korea for reaching for the stars!

The American people are not as stupid as the media and government would hope we should be. Kim Jong Un has earned the title of TIME’s Person of the Year, as democratically decided by 5.6 million online voters. This is due in no small part to broad, mass frustration with America’s corrupt dictatorship of the rich. Korea has given us the greatest Christmas gift of all: a new attempt by humanity to spread peace in to the universe.

The discerning among us know that the Imperialists only use new discoveries for profit and power; with Socialist Korea at the helm, the entire world sleeps easier knowing that there is one government in the world ensuring the safety of the human race.

We congratulate the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on its satellite launch! May Socialist society spread in to space with the speed of Chollima!



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