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WPK Dignified with Independence

October 10 this year is the significant 69th anniversary of the glorious Workers´ Party of Korea. Greeting the day, the Korean army and people warmly recall the immortal exploits of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who strengthened and developed the WPK into a powerful and invincible revolutionary party and dignified […]

Vol 6. of Kim Jong Il’s Complete Works Published in the DPRK

“Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il’s Works” Vol. 6 was published in the DPRK. It contains 99 works including speeches and talks made by leader Kim Jong Il from January to July, Juche 52 (1963). In the work “The Leader of Working Class Plays a Decisive Role in the Revolutionary Struggle” he calls for deeply […]

Work on Solidity and Invincibility of Socialism

The great Kim Jong Il made public the famous work “Our socialism centred on the masses shall not perish” on May 5, Juche 80 or 1991. Hong Un Ju, researcher of the Institute of Revolutionary History of Kim Il Sung of the Academy of Social Sciences, has this to say: “In the work, great Kim […]