A Story about the Flag of the Republic

The family of Im Jong Hui in Phalgol-dong 2, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, often visits the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum.

The museum tells about the exploits performed by the great President Kim Il Sung who repulsed the armed invasion of the US imperialists and honorably safeguarded the freedom and independence of the country and about the heroic fighting spirit of the Korean people in the past 1950s.

The family members pay respects to the victors of the great years, laying bouquets before the “Sculpture of Victory” representing a warrior of the People´s Army fluttering the flag of the Republic and shouting hurrah for victory. They donated a flag of the Republic to the museum before its inauguration in July Juche 102 or 2013.

According to Im Jong Hui, the flag torn by splinters was fluttered by her husband in many battles during the war and carefully preserved after the war.

She said her husband had devoted himself to the development of sports science and technology for decades and instilled the spirit of national defense in his children, and went on:

“Sometimes, on important days in particular, my husband would tell the children about the preciousness of the flag of the Republic and the spirit which should not be forgotten. And he also said to the children how preciously he had kept the flag and how he had thought about the fatherland.”

Her eldest son Hwang Hyok has this to say:

“I have heard a lot about it. I heard his request that we should never forget the spirit of the warriors who fought together with my father during the Fatherland Liberation War, but carrying on their fighting spirit, fly higher the flag of the Republic in sports games in the future.”

All the five children of the family bear in mind their father´s request, the truth that the flag of the Republic represents their lives and their fatherland. Two sons are working in the field of physical culture and sports. In the past they made an active contribution to flying the flag of the Republic on the international arena through the development of science and technology of marathon and Taekwon-Do.

Third son Hwang Man Hyok has this to say:

“What we have taken over from our father is neither wealth nor fame, but the spirit of victory, the spirit of safeguarding and glorifying the fatherland. The spirit should be carried on not only by our generation, but also by the next generations forever, I think.”

As the flag has such a story, they donated it to the museum, a family treasure kept so preciously for tens of years. The grandchildren did not live long with their grandfather, but know his merits well.

Granddaughter Hwang Yong Gyong says:

“I know well that my grandfather fought for our happiness, for our future. In the future, I will carry on the spirit of the forerunners and study harder and sing more to demonstrate our fatherland all over the world.”

In the future, too, the family will devote themselves to the country along with the flag of the Republic as their father´s and grandfather´s generations.

Alive are the soldiers who died for this land
The spirit of conquerors of US imperialists
Nurtures the rising generations
To the victors of the great years
We pay respects, we pay respects.