Juche-oriented Military Tactics Created During the War

The Korean army and people warmly recall the immortal exploits of the great leader President Kim Il Sung who led the three-year Fatherland Liberation War to a brilliant victory more than 60 years ago. In the early 1950s the US imperialists threw huge aggressive forces armed with modern weapons into the Korean war in a bid to destory the only two-year old Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in its cradle. During the hard-fought war they resorted to the savage “scorched-land tactics” and “sea of fire tactics” by latest war means.

President Kim Il Sung created Juche-oriented tactics and led the Fatherland Liberation War to victory.

Jo Yun Ok, lecturer of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, says:

“During the past Fatherland Liberation War President Kim Il Sung created many Juche-oriented tactics including the tunnel warfare, activities of plane hunters´ team, tank hunters´ team and snipers´ team to smash the enemy´s numerical and technical superiority with ideological and tactical superiority.”

The Juche-oriented tactics created by President Kim Il Sung at that time was completely new and original one that couldn’t be found in the preceding military theories. The soldiers of the People´s Army defeated the enemy troops, blowing bamboo flutes and beating drums in the tunnels in the intervals of battles even under the hail of bombs and shells and bullets. The well-known tunnel tactics was superior tactics created on the basis of a scientific analysis of the characteristics of Korea with many mountains and scientific calculation of the conditions of the enemy who were depending on technical superiority. The tactics made it possible to reliably keep manpower and combat equipment from the attack of the enemy´s modern weapons, to defeat many enemy troops with a small number of personnel and smash the technical superiority of the enemy with a small number of weapons and to firmly safeguard the defense line.

President Kim Il Sung went out to the line of Height 1211 in the eastern sector of the front through hail of bombs in September Juche 40 or 1951. Saying tunnels should be dug on front hills and positions on the coast in order to turn the defense positions into unbreakable fortresses, he took specific measures for the purpose. As a result, many tunnels of the Korean style were dug on the front and the defense positions were fortified impregnably. Even under the shower of bombs, the soldiers of the Korean People´s Army studied, sang to the accompaniment of front-line musical instruments, recited poems and cheerfully danced in the tunnels.

The enemy called Height 1211 “Heartbreak Ridge” because they felt disheartened at the mere sight of it and the valley under it “Punch Bowl” because they could not come out alive once they went into it. Referring to the defense line of the Korean People´s Army turned into tunnels, Ridgway, war boss of the US imperialists, lamented that:

“It will be probably the most powerful defense line ever-known to the world.”

The plane hunters team movement created during the war was also original tactics.

President Kim Il Sung said, when the enemy planes come, we should not only escape, but shoot down low-flying enemy planes with various kinds of small arms. He gave specific solutions to the tactical problems including the number and weapons of the plane hunters´ team, combat methods and selection of fire positions. The service personnel of the KPA brought down about 3,000 enemy planes in two years through the plane hunters team movement. The tank hunters´ teams destroyed over 200 enemy tanks in Juche 41 or 1952 alone and the snipers´ teams killed more than 16,800 enemy troops in a little over one year. Such tactics was the original military tactics produced by the gifted military wisdom of President Kim Il Sung.

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