My son was reborn under the benefits of the free medical care system

IKE131011018_12Ri Sun Ae living in People´s Neighborhood Unit 106, Sangsin-dong, Sosong District, Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, has this to say:

“I am now writing with an urge to tell a story about our grateful socialist health system. It was in January last that my son Song Jin was carried to a hospital by an accident. I was told that he was in a critical condition and hurriedly went to the hospital. Medical workers were doing their best, taking emergency measures.

My son was in a coma because of serious cerebral contusion and intestinal rupture. Several hours´ operation was successful but my son was still unconscious. My son had a high temperature and his blood pressure dropped occasionally.

The medical workers gave medical treatment skipping their food and sleep in order to improve his condition. His blood pressure got back to normal in 14 days but he was still unconscious.

All medical workers of the department in charge of him turned out as one and applied new treatment methods suited to his changing condition. Thanks to their utmost sincerity, my son recovered his consciousness in more than 20 days. He took a turn for the better enough to answer the questions. It was really surprising.

Of course I have often heard about similar stories. But when I myself experienced such a miraculous story, I felt gratitude for the socialist health system all the more.

Once I read a publication which said in a country, general checkup costs $2,000 US dollars, operation on the heart $30,000 US dollars and a day´s hospitalization hundreds of US dollars. But I never worried about money and medicines for my son´s treatment.

IKE131011018_32During his medical treatment my son underwent three operations which would cost a great deal. Consultations were frequently held and a lot of medicines were administered every day. It is unimaginable in other country that the state bears such a lot of expenses for treatment of an ordinary man.

Indeed, endless are the state benefits shown to my son free of charge for more than 100 days since he entered the hospital. On the day of leaving the hospital, my son and I visited the bronze statues of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill and made a bow to them as a token of our thanks. I really express my thanks for my son´s rebirth.

Even after he left the hospital, however, the doctor in his charge regularly calls on him for his medical examination and treatment, lest he should feel any difficulty in study because of health problem.

Thanks to the warm sincerity, my son is preparing himself to be a future architect. But for the grateful socialist health system and the devoted medical workers with beautiful human love, it would have been impossible to think of my son´s survival.

IKE131011018_22Tens of years have passed since the enforcement of the free medical care system in our country. In those years all people have enjoyed the benefits and my family and I have lived under such benefits. So I regarded it as normal.

I was helpless for my son. But thanks to great loving care of the motherland, my son, once at a jaw of death, was revived. I was moved to tears, too grateful to the motherland.

I want to proudly say that my son was reborn thanks to our grateful socialist health system and under the benefits of the free medical care system.”