Socialist Cause of Juche Is Invincible: Rodong Sinmun

The history of President Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary activities is that of a legendary great man who paved an original road of building socialism and built Juche-based socialism on this land.

Kim Il Sung was the pioneer of socialist cause of Juche and the father of socialist Korea, a Rodong Sinmun article Thursday says, speaking highly of his life-long feats.

The article says:
He was the first man in history to find out the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything. He clarified from a fresh angle the law governing social movement as the one of Juche.

Based on it, he gave scientific clarification to the essence of socialism and the law governing its development, and provided the most correct theoretical and practical guidelines to be held fast to in socialist construction including the idea of giving definite precedence to the ideological work and human remolding.

Under his leadership the party and people of the DPRK successfully carried out social revolutions of two phases and socialist construction of several phases without the slightest deviation and vicissitude, thus building a socialist country, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence in Korea where centuries-old backwardness and poverty once prevailed.

It was none other than the great leader who built the best socialism of Juche centered on the popular masses and turned the people’s centuries-old desire and wishes into a brilliant reality.

His life was that of patriotic dedication to the people as he recorded the history of noble loving care and respect to the people while regarding it as his lifetime motto and a political creed to believe in the people as in heaven, and that of a great servant for the people as he looked after their life just as the real father of all families of the country.

Invincible is the socialist cause of Juche dynamically advancing along the road ushered in by Kim Il Sung.